We’ve spoken a few times about how the customer’s journey is the start of any work that has the goal of improving the customer’s perceived experience. However, I know there are many questions about creating the journey and how it must be developed.

Firstly, a small disclaimer. With almost everything…

What you don’t see is CX-Trail’s art for this specific article: a verydark blue plaque sporting a letterhead with ordinal numeral ‘2’ (second) followed by the word Milestone, both hanging above the hand-drawn glyph of an orange-colored tree in the middle of two yellow-colored lines, each line embedded with stoneshape-resembling ink blurs; each line a graphism hoping to impress the sentiment of a trail, of being on a journey.

Last week I launched a challenge which I really liked, to type in the “name of an entrepreneur” followed by the word “customer” on Google and read what comes up. This challenge came up as a response to a question I was asked which I couldn’t immediately answer.

The question was: “Should a company’s founder worry about CX?”

Instinctively my…

Essa semana nosso artigo tem um tempero extra. Conversei com o Fernando Brancaccio, sócio e fundador da Fair Job, sobre a experiência do colaborador, ou EX (employee experience).

Antes de mais nada, uma vez escutei uma frase que acredito que resume bem o motivo de EX ser tão importante para…

We know the interaction the customer has with your company is what determines which memory they will build about your brand.

That’s where the CX work comes in, to interpret how the company can offer the best experience during these interactions. Making more customers remember your brand in a more profound and positive fashion.

The final result is that when more customers think of your brand in such a way, more…

Arthur Meyer

Braving modern enterprise.

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